Aquarelle Plant Extract Liquid Dyes

These liquid dyes are formulated to provide fast, efficient and environmentally friendly dyeing. All of the dyes are from natural sources - roots,bark, pods, insects and all of these dyes are certified organic.

The dyes will dye all natural fibres with the exception of the liquid indigo, which works best on wool and silk.

These dyes can now be used with Alum or Alum Acetate as mordants.

Instructions given for both protein and cellulose fibres.


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Madder 100ml
Ex Tax: $32.00
Madder 50ml
Madder is one of the oldest traditional dyes giving a range of reds and corals. ..
Ex Tax: $16.50
Pomegranate 125ml
Ex Tax: $25.00
Pomegranate 50ml
Available in 50 and 125ml bottles. This dye gives colours ranging from gold to khaki. ..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Cutch 125ml
Ex Tax: $22.00
Cutch 50ml
Dyes caramel to coffee brown. Available in 50 and 125ml bottles. ..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Indigo 50ml
Indigo dyes a light to navy blue. ..
Ex Tax: $21.00
Indigo 100ml
Ex Tax: $40.00
Himalayan Rhubarb 60ml
Gives golden colours. For light shades use 5-15ml, medium shades 20-30ml and darker shades 35-75m..
Ex Tax: $16.00
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